The Malva Model

Business in a Box


  • Set up your own Social Media Management business


  • Join the largest deconstructed tech enabled aggregator agency in the world


  • Change the world through delicious, sharable content


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The agency model of the future

This is your creative “Business in a Box”

Empowering you to become a self-starter.

Creating a network of new business opportunities.

Teaching you how to make money from your personal skill set.

For anyone who runs their own business, is interested in marketing or looking for new opportunities to collaborate with top creative talent.


Is it you we’re looking for?

If you’re

  • Running your own services business
  • Would one day like to start one,
  • Wanting to develop your social media skills,
  • Looking to work for a deconstructed online agency

You’ll need to know how to:

  • Develop and define your brand concept
  • Take it to market
  • Build a community to get sales
  • You’ll learn all of this and more at the inaugural Malva Academy: Business in a  box 0.1

This hands on, step by step guided workshop, hosted by Malva creator, Lauren Wallett promises a unique education that will take you and your businesses brand to the next level.

Jam packed with fresh case studies and knowledge accumulated through the sale of two successful businesses, a pivoted business, successful history of local and international clients, and a brand new aggregator business model, you’ll learn practical tools to do what it takes to manage and market your business online.

Save the date: 29th July 2017


Agenda Includes:

  • The Malva Model Introduction
  • Clarity Coaching
  • Social Media vs Traditional Media
  • Content Creators vs Influencers
  • Collaborative Consumption
  • The 12 block system
  • Brand life
  • Creating your service structure: starting with what you have
  • Year posting prep schedule
  • Everything you’ll need to market online
  • Facebook Workshop: Planning, scheduling and brainstorming
  • Instagram Workshop: Designing your flow
  • Workshops to guide you forward

Bonus guest mini workshops on:


  • Voice Integration by Mikkie- Dene Le Roux
  • Your Toolkit to organising events by Lianne Du Toit
  • Strategy and Trends by Pride Maunatlala

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